Your Business. Your Rules.

Shape your journey with our dynamic CRM platform, empowering growth through customizable configurations on your terms.

Reporting Analytics

Review and monitor your business performance and take data-driven actions.

Task and Reminder Management

Manage tasks, create workflows, and schedule reminders.

Customization and Flexibility

Use our CRM Blueprints and create your own rules for data management.

Email Integration

Send and receive email notifications and reports per your business rules.

Story of Comments

Add notes and comments to build business data related conversation threads.

Sales Pipeline

Track your deals and opportunities resulting in more sales.


  • Customize your CRM to match your unique business needs.
  • Rename and create fields to enhance user comprehension and accommodate additional data.
  • Streamline data management with flexible value selection and list uploads.
  • Establish email rules and preferences for efficient communication.


  • Easily configure organizational and user-level information for accurate representation.
  • Seamlessly upload and edit business-level details to ensure comprehensive data management.


  • Stay organized with a centralized hub for locating and actioning user requests.
  • Navigate through relevant data and add notes seamlessly to streamline processes.


  • Access orders, projects, and other data to execute opportunities and proposals effectively.


  • Gain insights into proposal performance with dynamic KPI stats.
  • Streamline proposal management with integrated actions and editing capabilities.


  • Handle various inquiries with ease, from technical to opportunities.
  • Navigate through relevant data and take necessary actions efficiently.


  • Manage customer relationships effectively with dedicated modules for meetings, contacts, and contracts.
  • Access personalized customer-related statistics for informed decision-making.


  • Get a higher-level overview of active enquiries and proposals for management purposes.
  • Navigate through relevant data and take necessary actions efficiently.


  • Access all key performance indicators (KPIs) set up by your company on a single interactive dashboard.


  • Stay on top of tasks with easy access to all reminders, both assigned and shared.
  • Edit reminders as needed and navigate to the origin dataset for more context.